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Paul Cuisset is one of the most prolific French creators in video game history. As the co-founder of Delphine Software, he worked as a programmer, a game designer and/or a scriptwriter on adventure titles as famous as "Future Wars: Time Travelers", "James Bond: The Stealth Affair", "Cruise For a Corpse". He collaborated with Eric Chahi, well known for his game “Another World,” to conceive and release "Future Wars: Time Travelers" in less than a year. 



In each of this games Paul tried to bring original universes and new ideas to the genre—for example, action sequences for the secret agent universe of “The Stealth Affair” and 3D simulation for the investigation in “Cruise for a Corpse.


After a few years exploring pure adventure gaming, Paul released in 1992 the hit of action/adventure game, "Flashback". This game, taking place in a futuristic world combining great action, exploration and a catchy scenario, was listed in the Guiness World Records as the best-selling French game across the globe. It remains one of the most important titles in video games history and is still often listed in the top 100 video games of all time in the media. 


In 1995, Paul returned to the action/adventure genre with “Flashback” sequel called Fade to Black, one of the first full 3D titles to place the camera behind the hero.

From 1998 to 2001, Paul Cuisset dedicated a lot of work to the “Moto Racer” Trilogy that combined various types of racing (motocross, traffic, and circuits). He is also known for his hack’n slash game “Darkstone”, first game of its kind in full 3D. 



In 2005, he created the VectorCell studio that developed "Amy," (PS3, Xbox 360) and the HD remake of "Flashback" (PS3, Xbox 360, PC).

Since 2014, he has collaborated with Microïds for the development of Subject 13, the game that signals his comeback in the adventure genre he cherishes and which first brought him to renown among video games players.

This is only the beginning… But this, is another story…

Watch Paul Cuissets’ carreer video:

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